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Print your family photos on Wood


If you're anything like me you have a collection of photos sitting on your hard drive just waiting to be shown to the world. Unfortunately I never know what to do with them all. Should I do a gallery wall or should I just frame them one by one and then hang them in select spots all over my home. Nowadays framing options are endless and so are the diy's which leads me to my present post. When I stumbled upon this post from Apartment Therapy I thought that it was a great idea but not for me. Then I thought a little more about it and realized that my Bermuda beach photos would look spectacular on a wood backdrop and so would many others. Another great idea would be to switch up your wedding thank you notes by printing your wedding picture on wood and give that instead of a card and photo. Or, you could put a newborn's picture on wood and give it to the grandparents as a keepsake. Or a graduation picture.....and the list goes on....

I hope you enjoy this DIY as much as I did and if you come up with a great result why not send me a note and I'll add it to my blog.

xo Tracey

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