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My New Picture Jasper and Black Lava Mala Bracelet


I am a very spiritual person and when I decided to return to my roots and create jewelry, the mala was a natural progression for me. 

I chose to create this mala with a combination of picture jasper and black lava rock. Picture jasper is a grounding stone that helps you to connect to the earth which I have trouble doing. I am always off somewhere in the clouds. Jasper also promotes harmony and creative visualization so it is good for anyone who works in the arts such as a writer or artist (me). It is also good for business pursuits. 

The qualities of the picture jasper combined with the volanic rock will help to ground me and make me more focused whenever I wear it. This will be good for my work. 

Crystals and gemstones may be used to increase certain psychological factors as well as assist with physical issues. Having said that they are not a replacement for either a medical doctor of a psychologist. They are another holistic tool to be used when needed. 

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