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DIY: Wooden Spoon


I am sure that my lead in was scoffed at. I mean who mixes cakes by hand anymore? I do that's who. I never use a mixer unless I am using a mix from a box such as the gluten free cake mix I recently made. Other than that, it is arm power all the way. 

I like to feel the texture of whatever I am mixing so I have quite the collection of wooden spoons. I also love wood and make as many things as I can out of fallen tree branches. This love of wood must be why I was so drawn to this DIY. 

Although this project may seem a little daunting at first, I am sure that once you get going you will forget the blisters forming on your hands and forge ahead only to be thrilled with your end result. 

Click on picture for the how-to. 

Happy carving!



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