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Have you ever met an Alpaca?


I have been taking knitting lessons over the last few months and one of my favorite wools to work with is Alpaca. I have seen a few pictures of Alpacas but it was only when I started to do some research on the different types of wool did I realize that Quebec has many Alpaca farms. One of which is called "Alpagas des Hauts Vents" and is located in Havelock, which is right beside Hemmingford, Quebec. This is only 45 minutes from Montreal so I couldn't resist taking a trip out there to meet the source of the beautiful wool.  

Sara Patenaude and her husband Jean-Yves Lalande own and run the farm and were such a pleasure to meet. Sara explained the different types of wool and introduced us to some of the alpacas, one of which is called "Shablis" (the beautiful alpaca that posed for me). What a wonderful time I had patting Shablis while learning all about the ups and downs of running an Alpaca farm. We also met the cat, a few goats and some chickens. Quite the lively troupe of animals. 

Sara also has a boutique filled with knitted creations the local artisans have made using the alpaca wool. Needless to say I left there with a beautiful scarf, a small blanket, socks and some dryer balls. To read the complete blog post just click on the picture.  

To find out more about the farm click here

xo Tracey

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