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Orange Almond Cake with an Orange Blossom Buttercream


I love flowers and although I don't have a green thumb - all flowers basically die within two days of reaching my home - I love to incorporate them in food and this cake is the perfect example. I have experimented with edible flowers before - freezing them in ice cubes and serving them as part of a salad - but this cake really caught my eye. I just find it so beautiful. 

When I read the ingredients I knew the cake would be just divine and I really like the fact that the orange blossom buttercream oozes out between the layers. That gives the cake a more rustic feeling which works well with eating outdoors. I can already imagine the dinner party with this cake as the main attraction. I would put a white linen tablecloth on the table and then scatter the same flowers that top the cake onto the table and each person's desert plate. I think the flowers would be a really nice touch, especially if combined with some candles in small clear jars to highlight them.  I can see it already! 

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Happy entertaining!!

xo Tracey

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