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Jewelry Designer Claire Vessot gets a Feng Shui Makeover


A Designer is really only as good as their clients will allow them to be. The more open and adaptable the client is the better the result. In this case I got really lucky because my client Claire Vessot - the former lead Designer for ELLE jewelry - was open to massive change and gave me carte blanche to create something that better suited her personality.

Within the first 5 min of meeting Claire you know that she is a woman with great taste and has an eye for detail. Characteristics which also make her such a good jewelry designer. When I first went to Claire's home it was filled with antiques and personal mementos and was very dark. This didn't match her at all. Claire's personal effervescence is something to behold. She is so uplifting and kind, I think she literally shines. As such I wanted her living space to reflect that.  

Click on picture to read the whole story and see the before and after photos of Claire's home transformation.

xo Tracey

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