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Flowers in Blue Mason Jars - Fresh Lavender


There are just so many uses for Mason jars and they are so practical that I don't think that I could live without them anymore. When I was growing up my father used to use baby jars to store all his nails etc. and I thought that was a great idea. He had rigged this shelving unit so that the jar lids were on top and the jar was below so you could see all the contents of each jar really easily. Well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because my work studio is filled with mason jars on shelves except that mine are standing up because they are bigger. 

Of course I have always viewed Mason jars as storage jars or preserve jars - it never occured to me to use them as anything else until I started seeing them being used to serve coffee. My sister in law uses them for coffee in the winter and ice tea in the summer. Totally fun. Now they even make them with handles to make it that much easier to hold on to! 

A few months ago I was surfing the internet and saw some blue Mason jars which totally thrilled me because they are so perfect for fresh flowers.  Not that the clear ones weren't good but the blue ones add another element of nature which I love - the sky.  

Click on picture to get a couple of ideas on how to use the blue Mason jars as vases,

xo Tracey

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